About us

We at Imajey do engineering simulation works round the clock. Either to optimize performance of a mechanical system or just to predict performance.

After working few years in core engineering fields, we felt the need of reaching out to more people. LearnEngineering.org was born that way. Our aim here is to present people the so called 'tough engineering concepts' in a logical and simple way. Interactive videos were the answer for this. And we try to keep Mathematics at bay in articles & videos, even though it is unavoidable in our work. Our team members work in rotation to contribute pages or videos to the site.

We are located in India. Our team consists of Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineers, with majority of Mechanical engineers. All page contributors to the site are masters/PhDs in respective areas.

It is really a refreshing experience to share to the world, what we learned through work. And we get more satisfaction, when we come to know that people have benefited from it. Thank you for your support!

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