Power Plant Technology

September 1, 2013

1.Working of Gas Turbine Engines

In this lecture we will understand working principles behind a gas turbine engine. Gas turbines are used mainly for two purposes. First, for power production. Second, for generating thrust force in an aircraft. Even though functions are different working principle behind each case is the same. Here we will understand how gas turbine engine is used for generating thrust force in an aircraft.

2.Working Principles of a Steam Turbine

Steam turbines are heart of power plant, they are the devices which transform thermal energy in fluid to mechanical energy. In this video lecture working of steam turbine is explained in a logical manner.

3.Kalina Cycle Power plant

Kalina cycle based power plants are latest development in power plant technology. Owing to its unique features which try to resemble Carnot cycle, Kalina cycles work on thermal efficiency range of 40-60 %. In this video lecture you will come to know what is Kalina cycle and why it is a promising technology.

4.How does a Thermal power plant Work ?

Purpose of this video lecture is to give you a conceptual introduction on working of Thermal power plants. Here working of thermal power plant is explained in a logical step by step manner.

5.Fuel Cell Technology

Fuel cells are magic devices which convert fuel directly into electricity. In this video lecture we will understand physics and technology behind fuel cells.